Obituaries Can be Very Enlightening

We are conditioned that obituaries are sad pronouncements of the passing of an individual that spent time on this earth, but when you read some of them – they are far from the somber reports you would anticipate.  Historic obituaries are no different.

Hear how deaths were recorded in the newspapers in the old west and learn how matter of fact the people of the time were to the comings and goings of their fellow human beings.  Humor always makes a situation more palatable, and Coloradans gave humorous sendoffs with aplomb.  Another interesting aspect of obituaries was the detail that was often provided regarding the path that brought that individual to that location at that time.  Most Coloradans came from somewhere else first – and that journey was a huge part of their story.

Death is part of life – the last part luckily – but a part none the less.  We all deal with death in our own way, but a little flourish is always appreciated.  Discover more idiosyncratic journeys across the River Styx through the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.


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