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Newspapers are one of the most versatile and heavily used sources of information for researchers, genealogists, students and the general public. Feature stories, society news, classified and picture advertisements, school and church announcements, news from surrounding towns, editorials and cartoons, all give the reader the sense of “being there.” Often the papers contain historical information that is not available in any other source.

The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC) was created using federal grant funds from the Institute for Museums and Library Services and the Library Services and Technology Act, but now continues to grow through contributions from individual libraries, museums, and other organizations. Together, these institutions have supported the digitization of over 780,000 additional pages. But there is still much more to do. You can help make these important resources available online by donating to the CHNC.

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If you have found the CHNC to be useful, we hope that you will consider making a tax deductible contribution to provide general support for the resource. Your donation will support the CHNC’s mission to get all of Colorado’s earliest newspapers online. There are more than 2 million pages from over 200 Colorado newspapers available for digitization through 1923.

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Adopt a Paper! 

Can’t find your community’s historical news in the CHNC?  Or are you looking for more historical news from a particular region?  You can help put this news online.  Use the map below to locate the names of the titles that need support.

Papers that Need Your Support

Colorado’s Ghost Town newspapers

Colorado is an example of a classic boom bust state.  According to some sources – there are over 1,500 ghost towns within our borders.  Towns went bust for many reasons,  including the closing of mines, introduction of the railroad, depopulation of rural farming areas, and changes in fortune .  Some of the towns that popped up lasted a decade or two, some a few years – and many – less than that.  Those that were able to establish themselves were often endeavored to produce a newspaper to keep their inhabitants informed and included in what was going on in their area and the larger world, but also to record their history for generations to come.  Many of the known papers from these towns are presumed lost, but there are some that do still exist on microfilm, and need a champion to bring their stories to the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.

The following ghost towns have newspapers on microfilm at History Colorado that are available for digitization.

  • Vulcan (Gunnison County):  Vulcan Times – The paper was published from January 1900 – 1901.
  • Animas Forks (San Juan County):  Animas Forks Pioneer – Published June 17, 1882 – October 2, 1886

For more information about any of these titles, contact Leigh Jeremias.

If you have a particular paper you would like to see in the CHNC and do not see it in our adoption map above,  please contact CHNC staff. We can research the title, find availability and give you details on what is needed to add the paper to the database.  Adopting a newspaper is a unique way to get involved with the CHNC.  You can help provide the funding needed to continue to grow our collection in ways that support your local history.

Host a Presentation

We would also be delighted to visit your community to provide free presentations to interested groups upon request. If you are interested in a free presentation or want more information on financially supporting the digitization of your community’s newspapers, including cost estimates, please contact Leigh Jeremias at the Colorado State Library: or 303.335.0709.


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