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    Welcome to the new CHNC. We have been working on migrating to a new platform for many months now, and we are finally there – but that does not mean we got it 100% right out of the gate. We know that there will be some growing pains with the new platform and are looking to you – the user experts, to let us know what goes wrong – what is working great – and what you think of our new look and feel. A great deal of additional functionality has been added to the system, especially cool is the ability to correct the OCR text in the titles and the body of the articles. We expect this feature to bring out your competitive side as you compete for high scores while at the same time improving access and discovery for your fellow newspaper searchers. Now that is a win-win!

    We hope you enjoy the CHNC 2.0. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into its creation – but also a lot of love for what we do. We hope it shows. Let us know how we did.

    The Management!

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    Regan –
    Is there a way to print the entire page or entire edition?


    Hello, You can print a page or an entire article by downloading a PDF of the entire issue. After downloading the PDF you can print the issue or just a page. See below for where to download.

    PDF download

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    Roni Ennis Pitt

    Good afternoon,
    I believe I just completed registering with a UserName and Password so that I could help “pay you back” by correcting text in articles. I received the email and accessed your site via the link embedded in the email. When I log in on your home page, I am successful; however, when I attempt to log in when I’m in a particular article, I am receiving an error message “Email address is not yet registered”.
    Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong so that I can start helping with text correction, thank you!

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