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Proper names for people, corporations, churches, organizations, and government agencies present special difficulties for searching.


First names were seldom used for married women. Typically, the husband’s first name was used

  • Mrs. Herbert Clark
  • Mrs. C. E. McConnell

Occasionally, abbreviations were used for some first names

  • Wm. G. Faulhaber for William G. Faulhaber
  • Chas. O. Sevier for Charles O. Sevier
  • Geo. Nickols for George Nickols
  • Thos. Cale for Thomas Cale.
  • Jos. A. Skerritt for Joseph A. Skerritt
  • Robt. E. Palm for Robert E. Palm

Full names were not always used for prominent individuals

  • General Palmer instead of William Jackson Palmer
  • Senator Tabor., Lt. Gov. Tabor, Lieutenant Governor Tabor, Governor Tabor, Mr. Tabor, H. A. W. Tabor, Ex-Senator Tabor, Mayor Tabor (depending on the newspaper and the year) instead of Horace Austin Warner Tabor
  • Packer (no first name) or Al. Packer or Alfred Packer instead of Alferd Packer
August 18, 2015
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