Basic Searching

SearchingBasic SearchingBasic Searching

You can perform a simple search by typing keywords in the search box and clicking “Search”. The search engine will return results that include all of your search terms.

You can search for an exact phrase by placing quotation marks around your search terms, for example “new plymouth”.

Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT can be used to refine your search results. AND (include all of the words) and NOT (without the words) narrow your search; OR (with at least one of the words) broadens your search. For example, plymouth NOT new will retrieve articles about Plymouth but not New Plymouth. You can group clauses using parentheses, for example (hamilton OR waikato) AND river.

On the search results page, the “Search limited to” area shows any filters that were applied to the search. You can remove these by clicking the “x” icons. The “Refine search” area shows the most common values occurring in various categories in the search results. Selecting one of these facets applies it as a search filter.

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