Tesla Brings His Electric Personality to Colorado

Article AudioTesla Brings His Electric Personality to Colorado

Nikola Tesla – a  Serbian national, brought his expertise in AC (Alternating Current) electricity systems to Colorado in 1899.  He worked for Thomas Edison – then worked against Thomas Edison, all in the name of science. Learn more about his years in Colorado Springs from the newspapers of the time.

“Tesla Will Try Colorado Lighting,” Aspen Tribune, May 18, 1899

Aspen Tribune, May 21, 1899 (no headline)

“Denver Gossip,” Basalt Journal, Sept. 23, 1899

Colorado Transcript, May 31, 1899 (no headline)

“Tesla and Edison,” Rocky Mountain Sun, March 25, 1893

And here is an exciting photo of Tesla in his lab in Colorado Springs to emphasis the sense of electricity regarding his work at the time.  Nothing like curling up with a good book and a little DIY lightning.


Learn more about Nikola Tesla’s  time in Colorado through the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.

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