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Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection needs your help!

Newspapers are one of the most versatile and heavily used sources of information for researchers, genealogists, students and the general public. Feature stories, society news, classified and picture advertisements, school and church announcements, news from surrounding towns, editorials and cartoons, all give the reader the sense of “being there”. Often the papers contain historical information that is not available in any other source.

Help Us Begin the Preservation Now!

The CHNC was started with two grants totaling $370,000 – a Library Services and Technology Act grant provided by the Colorado State Library and a federalInstitute for Museum and Library Services grant. These grants provided funding to license the software, purchase the hardware that hosts the newspaper images, and to digitize the original 97,000 pages of newspapers that made up the original collection. Contributions from individual libraries, museums, and other organizations have supported the digitization of over 600,000 additional pages.

The long term goal for CHNC is to house digital representations of all of Colorado’s earliest published newspapers beginning with those from 1859 and continuing through 1923. There are more than 2 million pages from over 200 Colorado newspapers available for digitization through 1923.

If you have found Colorado’s Historic Newspapers Collection to be useful, we hope that you will consider making a tax deductible contribution to provide support for the resource. CHNC staff would be delighted to visit your community to provide presentations to interested groups upon request. If you are interested in a presentation or want more information on financially supporting the digitization of your community’s newspapers, including cost estimates, please contact Regan Harper at the Colorado State Library: rharper(at)coloradovirtuallibrary(dot)org or 303.866.6907.

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