“Spanish” Influenza Hits Colorado Hard

Article Audio“Spanish” Influenza Hits Colorado Hard

Imagine sitting at the breakfast table, having your morning coffee, reading the newspaper – and seeing headlines like these: “Mayor Issues Flu Proclamation”, “State Forced to Take Hand in Flu Epidemic”, “More Flu in the Rural Districts”, “Dont Be a Knocker But Help Rid City of the Flu”. Yikes!

In 1918 and 1919, influenza and its complications accounted for about a half million deaths nationally. Colorado alone experienced an estimated 7,783 deaths due to the desease. Listen to some of the newspaper reports from Colorado newspapers, and learn what it was like to be in Colorado during that time.

“Spanish Flu Strikes State in Many Places,” Weekly Courier. October 11, 1918.

“The Mayor Issues Flu Proclamation,” Weekly Courier. October 11, 1918.

“Flu in Denver Becomes More Alarming Every Day,” Weekly Courier. November 29, 1918.

“Fort Morgan is now Battling the Flu,” Weekly Courier. December 27, 1918.

“Shopping will be unusual this year,” Weekly-Courier. December 13, 1918.

“Mask Law is Enforced in Teller County,” Weekly Courier. December 13, 1918.

“Deadly Disease,” Aspen Democrate-Times. September 24, 1918.

“Dr. D’Armond is Victim of Epidemic Sweeping the City,” Weekly Courier. October 24, 1918.

“Sting of Death Removes Signs of Merry Christmas,” Weekly-Courier. December 27, 1918.

For more articles about the flu pandemic of 1918, check out the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection – Topics page. You’ll be glad you did!

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