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Searching for Geographic Place Names

Definition: the name of a location on the earth’s surface. It may be a natural feature, such as a mountain, river or the site of human activity, such as a city, town, county, mine, or ranch. Examples: Pike’s Peak, Platte River, Durango, Caribou Mine, Livermore Ranch. Search Strategy Place names and their spellings have changed…

Searching for Corporations, Churches, Organizations and Government Agencies

Abbreviations were commonly used in names for businesses and government agencies Mer. or Merc. for Merchants, Mercantile (Durango Mer. Trading Co.; Stein Merc. Co.) Bros. for Brothers (Teil Bros. Tailors) Dept. for Department (Labor Dept.) Commerce Dept., Department of Commerce, Commerce Department Variations of the official name of a corporation, church, organization, or government agency…

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