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The following examples are for one international and one local event found in the CHNC:

International: First World War (1914-1918)

Local: Ludlow (Colorado) Massacre, April 20, 1914

Definition: For the purposes of the CHNC database, an event is a noteworthy incident resulting in press coverage. In the CHNC, events can be of local, regional, national or international significance.

Search Strategy:

  1. Use reference sources to identify specific locations, dates, and terminology related to the event before initiating a search in the CHNC database.
  2. Limit your search to a range of dates as close to the exact date(s) of the event as possible. If one specific date is identified, make sure to broaden the range of dates to either side of the date the event was supposed to have occurred.
  3. Look for primary source articles written as close to the event date as possible. (Sorting by Date Ascending will help identify the more relevant articles.)
  4. Consider the occurrence of related events. (For example: a search for “Ludlow Battle” uncovered a similar battle which occurred in Trinidad, Colorado, a few days later).
    Current usages: Historical terms:
    World War I European war
    World War One European struggle
    First World War world war
    Great War
    World War (1914-1918)
    Ludlow Massacre Ludlow Battle
    Ludlow Massacre
    (became the term used after a few days)
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