Getting permission to reprint or republish articles from Colorado’s Historic Newspaper Collection

CollectionAbout the collectionPermission to use/reproduceGetting permission to reprint or republish articles from Colorado’s Historic Newspaper Collection

The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC) online is available for the private and public enjoyment.

The content contained in the collection is NOT available for copying, re-sale, re-use or incorporation into commercial applications, services, resources, databases or any other products without express, written permission from the Colorado State Library, and its partner, History Colorado. Based on potential uses and anticipated profits, use fees may apply.

If your organization has a desire to utilize digitized content from selected Colorado historic newspaper sources, you will need to describe in detail the anticipated usage, intended audience, and projected profit from the product, initiative or work that is to be derived from the content held in the CHNC or which utilizes content found within the CHNC.

Broad interpretation of fair-use provisions of U.S. copyright law allow for individuals or organizations to quote or cite content contained in the CHNC for personal use, historical research, scholarly publication, education or related. For more information please consult:

Both non-commercial and commercial web sites are allowed to link to specific articles and other pieces of content held within the CHNC, provided they do not misrepresent the content as being owned, controlled or otherwise provided by the referring web site.

We ask that a person who wants to COPY articles and PUBLISH copied versions to get permission from History Colorado, since the original source of the digitally-published version of the newspaper is microfilm owned by HC. If the use is for a commercial purpose (say you were writing a book about front pages of newspapers from the civil war era, eg), then HC would charge some kind of commercial fee. But in a case where a person is just getting information from an article and citing the source of their info, just the citation is fine.

To credit the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection as a source for a paper, article, or book, please include the publication title, location, date of publication, its URL, and other relevant information.

Example citation:

Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, CO.), 23 Dec. 1897. Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection. Colorado State Library.

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