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    Is there a list of newspapers you have scheduled to scan and post?

    I know that you have certain date ranges already, and I’ve noticed some new content from time-to-time. Is it possible that you could publish a schedule so we can find out what papers/dates will be posted online?

    I am particularly interested in newspapers from Canon City, Gunnison, Aguilar, and Trinidad.

    Love this site and wish for its continued success!

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    Hi KG- Thanks for the question. It is a great one – but unfortunately, I do not have a great answer for you. Our collection grows from contributions by our partners in the Colorado Cultural Heritage community. That means that we are only able to digitize content that other organizations select and provide funding for. This also means that we digitize when our partners can secure funding. It is a hodge podge of a system – but it works for everybody pretty much. But this means that we do not have a schedule that we can share. Based on your identification of Canon City, Gunnison, Aguilar, and Trinidad – I can tell you what we have in the pipeline for those areas.

    Crystal River Current 1886-1887
    Silver Lance 1897-1899
    Marble Times and Crystal Silver Lance 1900-1901
    Marble Booster 1911-1916
    Elk Mountain Pilot 1920-1924

    Canon City Record 1909-1920

    These are scheduled to be added between this fall and end of year 2020. There is always a chance that there will be other activity for these areas come up – but we have no way of knowing in advance. We try to write a blog post on the Colorado Virtual Library web portal whenever new content is added to the collection, but apart form what I have shared – we just don’t know what the future holds.

    We are very happy that you love our service. That is great to hear. We are pretty fond of it too!

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