Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division – in Their Own Words

Article AudioColorado’s 10th Mountain Division – in Their Own Words

The original 10th Mountain Division was formed in Nov. 1941 and was made up of skiers, forest rangers, lumberjacks, and other outfitters and guides. Training primarily at Camp Hale CO, they were the last U.S. Army division committed to the European Theatre, and fought in northern Italy for over 110 days. In 1945, while battling German forces in the Apennine Mountains, these unique soldiers created a newspaper to share their experiences – the Blizzard. The Blizzard, first publish January 28, 1945, was a daily publication that ran for 73 issues. Its last issue was published on August 9th 1945 and includes the emotional writings of the brave men as they began the journey homeward. Listen to some of the articles included in The Blizzard – and learn more about the men who climbed mountains to fight battles.

Battle Around Belvedere Spreads to Sector on Right.” The Blizzard, February 21, 1945.

5th Army Infantry and Artillary Beat Baor.” The Blizzard, February 22, 1945

Finds Atheist in Foxhole-It’s Himself.” The Blizzard, February 27, 1945

The Long Voyage Home.” The Blizzard, August 9, 1945

See additional resources about the 10th Mountain Division at the Denver Public Library, and listen to the audio stories at the Radio Diaries podcast. Also – learn more from the Colorado Online Encyclopedia.

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